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Learn how this modern-day Samson discovered a new, greater power Black Samson
by Levi Keidel

African Strong Man
Discovers Greater Power

A deeply moving true story of the emergence of a black man from the jungles of Zaire to a position of prestige and influence. Powered by pride of race and lust for women, this modern-day Samson murdered a white soldier and was thrown into jail.

Through years of altercations with his jailers, Maweja suffered unspeakable torture. He retaliated by overpowering fellow prisoners, raping the prison's women employees. Maweja was a marked man - a known “lifer” feared by all for his violent temper and great strength.

But the ways of God are astonishing. Intrigued by a fellow prisoner who had discovered the life of God through Jesus Christ, Maweja read pages from the Bible forbidden to prisoners.

The day came when he committed his life to Jesus. Freed, at least in spirit, he now came under vicious persecution by his jailers and fellow prisoners. But God was not through with Maweja.

The miracle of his release from prison is as strange and exciting as the unfolding of this astonishing story of a black man's discovery of himself and a new power greater than he had ever possessed before.

The true story of Maweja Apollo as told by Levi Keidel

About the Author
Levi Keidel Levi Keidel and his wife, Eudene, were missionaries under appointment of the Africa InterMennonite Mission to Zaire for 30 years. He was a college instructor for eight years. Levi wrote six books. His articles appeared in some 60 periodicals. He had a Master of Science degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Master of Arts degree in Mission and Evangelism from Trinity International University.

The Keidels lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and have since passed away. Levi's daughter would love for you to e-mail your comments to her at ruthkclemens (a)

Other books by Levi Keidel: Footsteps to freedom,, War to Be One, Caught in the Crossfire, Conflict or Connection: Interpersonal Relationships in Cross-Cultural Settings. Book by his wife, Eudene Keidel: African Fables: That Teach About God.

Chapters Ready to Read or Print Out from the Web

  1. I Throw Out a White Man

  2. My Forefathers Were Cannibals

  3. Tshiyamba is Sacrificed

  4. I Learn about “The Great Chief”

  5. A Diviner Determines Adultery

  6. My Father's Many Wives

  7. Praise Goes to My Head

  8. I Kill a Soldier

  9. I am Beaten, Bound

  10. My Death Sentence

  11. I Hide My Evil

  12. The Riddle

  13. Pages from God

  14. Guilt Brings Deliverance

  15. I Recall Pieces of Wisdom

  16. Meetings in the Shadow of Death

  17. God Keeps His Word

  18. My First Test: Lust

  19. I Seek a Wife

  20. My Christian Walk Alienates Many

  21. God Makes Me To Triumph

  22. Epilogue

  23. Download entire pdf book (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

This is an excellent resource for your personal devotions. Pass it on to your missionary and prison chaplain friends. Mail a chapter each week to an inmate. Order a copy on Amazon. (Affiliate links on this page will cost you no more but serve to help support this ministry.)

What Others Are Saying About Black Samson

“Thanks for your ministry of e-mailing the book, Black Samson. It has challenged me as a christian in so many ways.”

“This book really related to the life I had and the life I'm now facing - especially the apprehension he faced after release. For I'm now 70 days away from being released, after being incarcerated for 5 years.”

“I related my life very closely to Black Samson. I had been in prison before and was a person with many, many bondages. I think about the chains that I read about in this book. I never had physical chains like the ones he had on his neck, but I had spiritual chains that were just as real. I think that all Christians can relate in one way or another, the dropping off of the chains.

“Jesus gave me a new life, new hope, and a new attitude. There are still chains and we are still prisoners, but we are prisoners of Christ and our chains are of being partakers of the afflictions of the Gospel (2 Tim. 1:8).

“This book has been such an inspiration to me. I pray that as I prepare to leave this place and return to my Christian family that I will never let its meaning depart from me. I have not read many books in my life, but I do believe that this book is the second best I've ever read. I need not make mention of the first.”

“Black Samson has really helped me with my understanding of God. It has given me a clean understanding on what God wants from me. I really enjoyed that book. So much that I am going to take it home with me, whenever I get released from prison, to share it with my family and new friends.”


“I have just finished reading Black Samson and the life and realization that Maweja has lived is quite similar to mine.

“I am in prison for something that I thought was right at the time. I was bound in slavery to Satan. In the short time I have set here, I have been at war within myself to bring myself back to my Lord Jesus Christ. My war is very similar to Maweja's. One step at a time, I find myself being set free by God's grace. Being in here (prison) things happen every day that make me want to change my mind and continue living the path the world sees fit. I am beating myself for getting myself in this situation. The anger inside me is slowing down my walk with the Lord. See, because I'm in prison doing time, my family is on the outside doing time, too. That makes me want to hate myself. I do love Jesus. I am having an extremely hard time understanding His ways.

“When I read this book, I finally felt as if there was somebody out there who understood how I felt. That gave me some relief. I didn't feel all alone any more. I know the Lord knows how I feel but communicating with someone of the flesh who understands my feelings helps ease the feeling of loneliness.”

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