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Question: How can you get rid of a demon that haunts your dreams and frightens you awake in the middle of the night?

Answer: DEALING WITH DEMONS. The circumstances you described are not everyday experiences of Christians but neither are they unheard of. Once while preaching a revival, I came in contact with a demon-possessed young woman who attended the services. That night after the service in my hotel room, I experienced demonic attacks against my mind. By this, I mean, blood chilling screams right at the moment I would be falling off to sleep. Here is how I dealt with it:

  1. I reminded myself of what the Word said: "Greater is he that is in you..." (John 4:14). This stirred my faith by the Word (Romans 10:17).
  2. I would plead the Blood of Jesus. Satan cannot touch me because I am saved by the blood of Jesus.
  3. I would pray in authority, the way Jesus prayed - with intercession and authority. We have been given authority over Satanic forces by our redemption and faith in Jesus.

If you're saved, Satan has no power over you except to intimidate, so according to James 4:7, you must "Submit yourself therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." After I took the above measures, I went to sleep and rested wonderfully.

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