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I'll be sharing these treasures as I come across them on the Internet.
I hope you find these useful in your ministry. If you find this helpful, when
you're through browsing, please pass this page along to a minister friend.

Alliance Defense Fund

Christian Events Bulletin Board new
This free services allows you to post announcements on the web if
they are submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event. To avoid delays,
carefully follow all submission guidelines:


Expect Church Leadership conferences updated
Be infused with a new and fresh faith to expect and attempt greater
things for God by the ministry founded by David Wilkerson:


"A word to the efficient: Don't dial your local congregation;
they won't answer.
Being unreachable by telephone is a
problem plaguing many of the nation's Protestant churches,
according to a new Barna Research Group study.

"Of 3,400 Protestant churches phoned nationwide during
December, a human being could not be reached at 55
percent, and 19 percent had neither a person nor a
machine to answer calls."

The surveyed churches were called 5 different times,
during business hours.

Clark Howard - Renown Financial Advisor
This site is a gold mine! You cannot put a price tag on the advice
you'll receive here. You can even listen online, at your own
convenience. Many in ministry lack financial skills. Add this site
to your personal development goals:


Dave Ramsey new
Learn from the Christian financial expert.
Order here and save 20%.

John Maxwell new
Learn from the Christian leadership expert.
Order here and save 20%.

Leadership Journal new
Learn how to handle real ministry in a complex world. Read articles
online. Subscribe to helpful, free newsletters. Learn more.

Pastors Today—Practical Biblical Solutions for Pastors with Thom S. Rainer new
Practical help to build your church, leadership skills, pastoral ministry,
personal life and preaching skills for those in the ministry.


A Fire In My Bones by David Wilkerson - March 14th, 2004 updated
Are you discouraged, ready to throw up your hands and quit the

Have your secretary hold all your calls. She can tell callers you’re in a
conference. Trust me! You’ll be in a conference with the Lord before
you’re through with this one. Don’t allow anything to interrupt you.
Listen now | Print and Read


Minister Retreats updated


Software Deals for Nonprofits & Schools
Many ministries have had to put a freeze on spending
because of the current state of the economy. Here's a
gem of a place where you can find donated and
discounted technology products just for nonprofits and

For a small administrative fee, nonprofits can order donated
and discounted software and essential technology products.
DiscounTech brings together generous contributions from
leading technology providers for the benefit of the nonprofit
sector. DiscounTech is a service of TechSoup, the
technology Web site for nonprofits.

TechSoup's DiscounTech aims to help resource-strapped
nonprofits save funds while furthering their organizational
missions. DiscounTech helps nonprofits:

* Increase capacity and efficiency through proper use
of technology products.

* Substantially shorten the time it would normally take
to obtain a corporate donation thanks to a web-based
request process and online fulfillment.

* Access multiple product philanthropy programs
through a centralized online service. Over fifteen
technology provider's donated and discounted products
all in one place!

* Make informed decisions about the products
nonprofits need thanks to TechSoup articles, resources,
and community boards.

* Free up funds for direct service. This means more
beds can be purchased for homeless shelters, more
tutors can be hired for after school programs, and more
meals can be prepared in soup kitchens.


NoAdware: Top Rated Software by C|NET Download.com
Ever wonder where all that spam comes from? Well, a hunk of
it comes from spyware.

What's spyware?
In general, spyware is any technology that aids in gathering
information about a person or organization without their
knowledge. On the Internet, spyware is programming that is
put in someone's computer to secretly gather information
about the user and relay it to advertisers or other interested
parties. Spyware can get in a computer as a software virus
or as the result of installing a new program.
this ugly monster can cause pornography to pop up on your
desktop, window after window. (Only available for PCs.)

Download instructions
Here's how you can download it free from our web site.
Go to this address and click on the ComputerMall:

You'll see the NoAdware link at the top of the ComputerMall
page. After following the instructions to install NoAdware,
be sure to use it regularly and update it periodically for
new tracking definitions.


Excellent Sunday School Guidelines & Helps for
Teachers, Pastors, Administrators

Wow! Did I ever find a gold mine when I stumbled upon
this extremely helpful web site. You'll find how to start a
Sunday school ministry, ministry descriptions and
guidelines, policies, grouping guidelines, facility evaluation,
recruiting and retention tips, youth helps, legal advice for
churches—an unbelievable list of treasures!
Discipleship Ministries

70+ Tips for Effective Church Sites
Find excellent help from world experts on making your church or
ministry website the most effective it can be. Learn more.

Christian Computing Magazine
Offers a special digital version of their magazine for FREE.
It is sent to you via e-mail in an HTML format. Also offers
FREE Christian Audio/Visual Magazine.

Keeps readers informed on software, services and other
areas of technology, pertaining to how it relates to the
Christian community, the church and ministry.

Subscribe here:

Effective Church Communications new
Yvon Prehn offers simple, practical training in print and digital
communications to help your church fully fulfill the Great Commission.


Free Technology Help
Look for articles by Terry Wilhite. You will find excellent,
down-to-earth help from this multimedia specialist who
has a real heart for ministry.

Free Technologies for Worship

Technology Q & A new
About once a month, Steve Hewitt, Editor of Christian Computing
magazine, answers questions on the air during the Chris Fabry Live!
on Moody Radio. Stay informed on the latest technology happenings
of interest to Christian computer users!

Watch for upcoming programs.


Communication Tips for the Time Starved! updated
Learn more.

How to Create a Postcard Newsletter
Life is overly full and highly stressful today. If people are
not reading and responding to what you try to communicate
to them from your church or ministry today, it isn’t because
they have lost interest in church or hate God and have gone
apostate. Most often they are simply too busy. Here are
some ideas for reaching these busy people:

Post-Easter Tips to Help Your Church Grownew
Learn more.



Format It—Online E-Mail Formatting Tool
The e-mail messages you send to your congregation could be
out of whack -- without your knowing it! Use this handy, online
utility to ensure your e-mail is formatted correctly. No downloads
required. FREE.


Free Password Manager and One-Click Web Form Filler
Having trouble remembering passwords? This easy-to-use tool
will help you keep track of all your passwords and also help you
automatically fill out those online forms. It does NOT pop up ads
in your face or grab information from you. It's an innovative, lean,
useful product with some serious Artificial Intelligence. Highly
recommended by The Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine.
(Works on PCs only.) Enjoy!


Free PowerPoint Tutorials and Templates (200+)
For non-commercial use only. Warning! This site is not
Christian but has some very useful tutorials and beautiful,
pre-designed PowerPoint sets. This lady loves PowerPoint
and is eager to share her wealth of Knowledge with others.


Free PowerPoint Viewer updated
Ever wanted to view a PowerPoint presentation someone sent you
but couldn't? Well, with this download, you can view Microsoft
PowerPoint 97, 2000, and 2002 presentations even if you don't
have PowerPoint.
The PowerPoint Viewer 97 allows people who use PowerPoint
to share their presentations with people who do not have
PowerPoint installed on their computers. When you post
presentations on the Internet, you can include the PowerPoint
Viewer to expand your online audience to people who might
not have PowerPoint, or to those with different versions. You
can use this viewer to view files created in both PowerPoint for
Windows® and PowerPoint for the Macintosh.


Free Time-Saving Templates for your Microsoft Office Suite
Need to get a professional-looking publication out in a hurry?
Save loads of time and effort by using these handy, predesigned
software templates which you can easily open and edit in your
Microsoft Office software applications, like Microsoft Word, Excel,
and Powerpoint. Enjoy!

Newsletter Mailing List Tool
More than 5 million people use MailChimp to design and send
e-mail newsletters.

Learn more.

Inexpensive Software Training CDs
Want to learn how to use that mysterious software sitting on
your computer or want to improve your user skills? Here are
some excellent, video training CDs you can pop in your CD
drive and watch. This is a quick way to get you over that
learning curve and speed you on your way to preparing
quality documents and presentations.
Try an online demo lesson for free. Then buy one training
CD for $5.99 and get the next level FREE. Better yet, if you
feel comfortable doing it, download the software and burn
your own CD and you'll also get FREE SHIPPING!


Internet via Cell Phone and Laptop


What Is's Fast Guide to Tutorials and Training
A comprehensive list of online training resources.


Have You Checked Lately? updated
Don't lose your church domain name!

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), is the non-profit corporation responsible for
accrediting domain name service providers.  ICANN
requires domain name registration customers to keep their
account information current. Outdated contact information
can be grounds for domain name cancellation.

Be sure to keep your contact information up-to-date at all
times to avoid cancellation of your church domain name. If you lose
your domain name, it could be resold to someone else...even a
pornographer. So please be very careful about this.

Read the ICANN notice here.


Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud
Beware! Don't get sucked into one of these often, very
spiritual-sounding e-mails. Better stop now to read this
warning so you'll be able to recognize this fraud when it
lands in your e-mailbox, and, believe me, it WILL. I receive
several of these each DAY.

Never reply to unsolicited
and the Middle East, although they could be from anywhere
these days, that offer you large amounts of money for you or your
church or mission. They are all well known frauds.

Do NOT respond to official looking e-mails from your bank,
credit card or any bank asking you to confirm account details -
it is 'phishing' - the e-mail is not from your bank, it is a clever
hi-tech scam.

Do NOT reply to unsolicited e-mails that tell you have won a
European Lottery - you have not.

Do NOT ever reply to unsolicited e-mails asking for your help,
your address or your name and bank account to help people
from overseas to obtain visas to your country.

Many Christians and Pastors have lost significant amounts of
money already, please be wise and do not allow yourself to fall
into the hands of international gangs of criminals.


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