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Question: What happens to people who commit suicide?

Answer: The Judeo-Christian tradition holds that God alone has the right to give and to take human life. The willful taking of human life is a sin against the divine image inborn in God's highest creation. (Gen.1:26; 2:7; 9:6) God is sovereign, appointing both the end and the beginning of our days. (Job 14:5; Psalm 139:16)

Murder is condemned in Scripture. (Ex.20:39) Suicide is self-murder. A Christian, with the help of the Holy Spirit, should be able to cope with the stresses that sometimes lead to suicide. A wholesome fear of God and hell provide a strong deterrent to the act of suicide.

The specific instances of suicide recorded in Scripture -- Saul and his armour bearer (1 Samuel 31:4,5) Ahithophel, (2 Sam. 17:23), Zimri, (1 Kings 16:18,19), and Judas Iscariot -- all seem to have sad spiritual, as well as physical, ends. We do know that Satan is the deceiver who comes to kill, steal and destroy. The promotion/glorification of suicide in the rock music and drug culture, combined with the reincarnation teachings of the New Age philosophy, are contributing to the increase and acceptance of suicide in our society, all of which are inspired of Satan.

We do not fully understand the causes of major mental illness and must therefore exercise some caution in declaring that ALL persons (Christians) who commit suicide are eternally lost. God alone knows the thoughts, intent of the heart, and mental condition of these persons at the time of suicide. It is sufficient to know the Judge of all the earth will do right. Genesis 18:25

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